Testimonials - A lovefest

Mindful Kids Love


"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet Sheena!! My son had a rough start to school and Sheena helped him develop the tools to know how to deal with all of the stress. He went from not wanting to go to school (in an extreme way) to saying, "Mom, my class will be crazy today, but it's okay because I know how to handle it!" He now asks every single night if we can meditate together and takes the time to reflect on his day.

Sheena's pure calm, listening ear and expertise provided a safe place for my son (and I) to express himself and learn essential life long skills. "

"My daughter has been going to Mindful kids for over 2 years now.  When I first talked with Sheena about her program I had no idea what to expect – I just hoped it would somehow help my daughter manage some of her worries and anxieties that she was experiencing.  But the program far exceeded my expectations.

Anxiety is hard to manage for a young child.   Mindful Kids has given my daughter not only the tools and knowledge to help her cope, but it has also helped to build up her confidence.  She has grown from a girl that had difficulty handling her emotions into a girl that now has the control and power to lessen the impact, force and duration of these worries."  

- Mom of a Kindergartner, a Tween and a Teen.

"My girls mention your (mindfulness) tips quite often.  I thought I’d send you this pic from this past weekend – both of the girls seem to automatically know how to combine nature and meditation thanks to you."

“I started learning about mindfulness three years ago when in grade 4 and I've been doing it ever since.  First at home, and then my grade 5 (and grade 6) teacher started teaching us in class. To be honest, at first, I thought it seemed pointless. I thought, "I already know how to be calm. Why do we have to learn this mindfulness stuff."  At that point I didn't even know what mindfulness was, but it wasn’t long afterwards that I noticed a change in myself and that I was actually becoming more aware of my feelings and emotions.  That was kind of cool."

- 11 years old

Mindful Mamas Love

"I'm so glad that I attended the Mindful Parents class. Sheena has armed me with a bag full of tips and tricks that help and remind me that I can be mindful at any time during my day, and for whatever duration I deem appropriate. Going into the class I thought that learning to be mindful would be difficult for me, but with Sheena's guidance it was easier than I could have ever imagined. My biggest take aways from the class were that I can find some calm amongst the chaos, and that I am in control of how I react to each and every situation. Sounds so simple but I now truly know how to practice this. It was also great to be in a small class with other parents so that we could share and learn from each other's experiences."

Mindful Coaching Love

"My father started mindfulness classes to deal with his chronic pain and it has helped him tremendously over the last 18 years. When I saw my son trying to deal with frustration and anxiousness I knew that the best approach would be to teach him mindfulness. My son did mindfulness classes with Sheena and then we decided to do it as a family. The benefits of mindfulness has helped us all while dealing with hectic schedules, work, school, relationships, parenting etc.. We feel that it is such an important skill for our children and us as parents to learn. One day while getting frustrated with my 8 year old son my 5 year old daughter came to me with her mindfulness jar and said "just breath mom and you will calm down". How amazing to have such a little person learn this. Sheena's sessions have been one of the best gifts I have given my children."

The Neumann Family

"I've been coming to Sheena for mindfulness coaching for nearly 8 months now.  Work was beyond stressful and it was negatively impacting my role as a husband and father.  When I first contacted Sheena I wasn't sure what to expect and I wasn't sure how much time I could commit to this process.  Sheena taught mindfulness in a practical way that I could easily relate to.  She found techniques that worked for me and my busy life.  My entire family is happier because of mindfulness, and as soon as my kids are old enough they'll be enrolled into Mindful Kids!! :) "

-Husband and Father

Reflex Love

“This was my first reflexology experience and can I say, Sheena blew my MIND!! Seriously. It was like having a physic tell me my thoughts and emotions but she wasn’t asking me any questions … she was squeezing my toes and pressing the soles of my feet!”

Jennifer Freitas - Owner of The Truth Beauty Company

jen ziegler.jpg

"Pregnancy is challenging both physically and mentally - so an hour with Sheena was the perfect mini-vacation. I found that the swelling decreased a lot, as well as my stress levels. Sheena's demeanor is so calming that it feels like an hour spent on a yoga mat, except you are allowed to complain about your life LOL. I honestly couldn't recommend her more - any pregnant mamas out there will love this little breakaway from reality to make your body feel a lot better. It is so important to be able to relax and be calm in your pregnancy, and Sheena offers the best service for that! Thank you so much!"

- Mama to be.

"Sheena has been treating me for anxiety and for allergies and on a return visit I found I was good and balanced, so I asked her if she could tweak libido.  Whether it was overall well-being that affected it or a secret reflex point that only she knows about.... it worked! We now do follow ups every 2 or 3 weeks and my husband is her biggest fan!"  

- Happily married mother of two

Reiki Love

How it all started for me.

I hadn't had a good sleep in as long as I could remember, tossing and turning all night.  Stressing about my construction company and life in general. In the morning my jaw was clenched so tight that my mouth hurt. 

My Wife met Sheena and thought this may be exactly what I need. I had never heard of Reiki, did some reading (and laughed). What kind of "Voodoo" stuff is this?!?  BUT I am trying to create my own opinions for things, so despite my doubt I decided to give it a try. My first session was booked for one and a half hours (1 hour reflexology/30 min Reiki). Long story short, I asked LOTS of questions, but in the end I was intrigued I was hooked, somewhat of a "R&R Junky" or “Reflexoholic”. 

Three days later, I tried it again. When the session was over I felt as if I had slept undisturbed through an entire night. My mind was sharp I was able to solve problems with little to no effort, I was focused - regenerated.  This for me lasted almost a week. 

I decided to start going twice a week. I did this religiously for about 7 or 8 months. Some sessions more productive than others, however, overtime, I became more relaxed, patient, energetic, and focused. I simply felt better in all mental and even some physical aspects of my life. It wasn't only me that noticed this difference. My family, my employees, even my customers started seeing a difference in how I felt.

My favorite thing about my sessions: 1) My phone is off, it’s the only time I have completely to myself.  2) Wild vivid reiki dreams.

This is not just a fad for women, it's not "witchy".  I believe this really does work, and if you give it an honest session or two you will not be disappointed.   


"I went into my first reiki treatment with an open mind to give it a try. I had no idea that after the fact my life would be changed for the better. Negative thoughts, fears and emotions I didn't even know I had were removed and I gained new strength to face some very tough up and coming challenges in my life. Since then I have been on a profound spiritual journey and reiki was just the beginning"

- Phil

jenn bourbonnais.jpg


“Sheena is an amazing healer. I have seen her many times for Reiki. She brings my mind and body to a state of relaxation I didn't think I could achieve. After a treatment I leave with a clear head and well balanced. She's helped me with both emotional and physical issues.  Amazing healer.”  


- Jenn

Workshop Love



"Grief is a power stronger than one can imagine.  Grief and all the emotions it comes with needs to be addressed in order to help recreate a healthy life.  It is important to honor each and every feeling that arises as it arises – we cannot stuff them. 

Sheena has helped the bereaved to understand the importance of being present in the moment.  She has empowered them with knowledge and tools to slow down, breathe and honor what they are feeling.  Being Mindful in our grief journey is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Working together as a community to support the bereaved will help to reduce the stress experienced and work to increase the energy needed for the bereaved to mourn and rebuild."

Marny Williams-Balodis, Co-founder of Hummingbird Centre for Hope 

"Sheena first came into our kindergarten class two years ago to practice Mindful Kids with our students. The simple techniques that she introduced were easy to implement, but more importantly, spoke directly to the children and adults in the room. The visuals are particularly helpful with young children, such as the sparkle bottle and breathing ball.

I immediately saw the benefits of her program, so the following year, I took a 4 week class, designed for teachers. Sheena delivers a fun, interesting program that is easy to apply to the classroom. More importantly, her learning environment is inviting, calm and engaging.

Bringing her Mindful Kids techniques into my kindergarten class has changed the way that I teach, the way that I interact with children and the dynamics of our classroom. Our Mindful practice is part of our daily routine. We have incorporated a little “mindfulness” into all of our transitions, with amazing results. Our students are much more connected to their emotions and are relaxed and happy. Thank you for continuing to enlighten me, Sheena!"

Mrs. H.

Kindergarten Teacher for 9 years

Family Love

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