Mindful Kids Online Course


Mindful Kids Online Course


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An Online Course for Kids!

As an Early Childhood Educator it was extremely important for me to create a mindfulness program that was science based, and 100% secular.

And THIS is that program!

This is the EXACT program that I have been running for over 5 years both privately and within the schools with amazing results.

Thousands of 'Mindful Kids' have already successfully completed this very same program with instructors all across Canada!

This is a simple, easy to follow program that will teach your child hands-on mindfulness techniques that they can immediately start implementing into their little full lives.

Easy to follow, easy to learn, easy to practice!

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Course details:

Each module includes a 20-30 minute video and a pdf printable worksheet/handout.

Module 1 -Finding out Calm - Mindful Bodies, Mindful Listening

Module 2 - Finding your Base & Staying There - Mindful Breathing

Module 3 - Mind Jar & The Art of Stopping - Mindful Emotions & Mindful Breathing

Module 4 - Balloons and Holes! - Mindful Emotions

Module 5 - Things That Make You Go Mmm - Mindful Eating

Bonus Module - Real Kids, Real Mindfulness

*Life time access! Complete at your own pace.*




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