So here's the reality of our situation...


yes the school is providing Quin with the proper accommodations (extra time on a test, scribing, access to a chrome book, etc.) but these are merely accommodations (which certainly feel like bandaids at times).  What they are NOT providing Quin with is a long term intervention plan; a reading program that will teach him the decoding skills that he so desperately needs. 


Quin has dyslexia, and NOT ONCE has he been pulled from class for one on one reading. (Really think about that one for a second folks)  


Quin has dyslexia and they have only ever done 2 running records to assess his reading level. BOTH times were done because I called a meeting with them. 


Quin is in grade 4 and at both meetings they spoke about all the great accommodations that will be available to Quin in HIGH SCHOOL.


Quin is a smart, bright and 'good' kid.  And because of that he's the perfect candidate to fall through the cracks.


1 in 5 kids.  We need to do more. Our kids, these kids, deserve more.