Silver Linings. Gratitude can be found in the strangest of places. 

I look at this picture and I'm actually bursting with love and gratitude! 

I am grateful for:
- Timing. Had this Crohn's flare happened just 36 hours earlier, we would have still been in Japan and things would have been far more complicated. 
- An amazing health care system. Although slow at times, it works and it's accessible. 
- IV's and modern medicine. 'Nuff said. They play an important role. 
- Father/son time. I swear there's times when we forget that we're even at the hospital. (Okay, not really. But almost!)
- Health. Hospitals are great places to realize not only how fragile a person's health can be, but also how good our health is in comparison. 

Hmm what else am I grateful for...

- Expensive parking. No seriously. I'm spending a small fortune on parking but I'm so very grateful that I have the ability to pay for that expensive parking. Which rolls into my next point...
- Being my own boss. This week my office is at the hospital. Because that's where I want to be, need to be, and where I can be. Family comes first, but luckily I never have to make those hard choices. If I can work from Japan I can work from the hospital. 

And finally...
- Tim Horton's. Because an end of the night donut just makes everything better. 

And finally finally...
- Him. I am so very grateful for him. He is one of the strongest and bravest people I know. And although I will never truly understand the pain and anguish this disease causes him on a day to day basis... I have a pretty good idea. And he, is a total rockstar. A sexy sexy rockstar. 

Now, step back and take another look. Can you see your silver linings? I promise you, they're there.