Hey mama – looking for some calm amidst the chaos?

Deep Breath...

You’ve come to the right place.


I'm Sheena...

I'm a stress busting, toe pinching, soul activating, reiki woo woo.  I'm also a libido boostin', anxiety crunchin', tree hugging, hippie loving, techno listening, (sometimes) fast food eating, often swearing, in search of A LITTLE FREAKIN' ZEN, mindful mama.  


And You're...

a stressed out mama with a mile-long to do list. You’ve noticed your kids have been acting out and your teen is withdrawn and distant. And your hubby? Well, he puts on a good front, but you both know that he's just as stressed out as you are.

This is NOT cool.  This is NOT okay with you.

Your family can’t go on like this.  You've all gotten into the habit of just going through the motions; work, eat, sleep, repeat.  This isn't working. This doesn't *feel* right, so you’re looking for another way. There MUST be another way!

I’m here to tell you there is another way.  Actually, there's a few other ways, and I'd love to connect and help you find which path works best for both you AND your family.



And here's the truth about me…

I didn’t set out to become a holistic practitioner. Instead, I went to University and loaded up on theology, psychology, and woman's studies courses.  I followed that up with a diploma in early childhood education and worked with children for a number of years. The turning point came in 2001 when my husband was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Traditional medicine wasn’t cutting it, he was spending more time at the hospital than he was at home with us.  And so the search began, we needed balance, we needed health, we needed happiness. That’s when I became a reiki practitioner, a certified reflexologist, and eventually a mindfulness coach.

Let's get REAL honest, my search to find an alternative to traditional medicine had little to do with my husband and more to do with my kids. THEY needed their daddy; their cozy couch cuddle buddy, crazy dancing, loud singing, fun loving dad... and they needed him healthy.  I needed my husband; my best friend, my late night tv partner, my bbm bff, my co-parent sidekick, my wingman through life... and I needed him healthy.  


Selfish?  Nope not at all!  Real, raw and honest.

It was MY job to make sure that MY family was balanced, healthy and whole.  

Can you relate?


As a mindfulness coach, certified reflexologist and reiki practitioner, I will help your family reduce stress and find balance.   Maybe your kids could benefit from a Mindful Kids series, and your husband can finally tackle his stress and digestion issues with some reflexology, and you, you could use the relaxation and healing vibes of a reiki session.

We will work together to create a vibrant, balanced and truly happy family.  

Re-balance, re-connect.

It's Time.